When we combine service with leadership training, we call it ImpactQuest.

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Contact us at 612-817-0791 for information and to sign up for ImpactQuest trips:

  • June 12-19, 2017 (high school)

ImpactLives invites participants (individuals and groups) to use their unique talents in an immersive cross-cultural service and leadership experience in ways that transform not only their own lives, but also lives in their neighborhoods and around the world.


ImpactQuest is leadership development that teaches participants how to function effectively in multi-cultural and cross-cultural settings and promote lasting transformation that will lead them to live more effective lives.


Participants receive training and gain expanded self-knowledge, while learning the key elements of:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Global and Cultural Competencies

The location of these service experiences is determined through strategic partnerships locally and around the world with whom ImpactLives has developed solid, long-term serving relationships.

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