International ImpactQuest FAQ

Q. What is ImpactQuest?

A. The diagram at the end of this document illustrates the full seven-step ImpactQuest model. ImpactQuest is a leadership-intensive experience. It is a research-based, customized experience designed to transform both the participants and those receiving the service. Carefully sequenced leadership development modules are paired with sustainable service learning activities with a particular focus on personal action planning and lasting transformation. This is a new and effective approach to short-term missions. 

Q. How are you different from other humanitarian or missions trips?

A. ImpactQuest pairs up leadership development and cross-cultural learning with humanitarian efforts. We create an experience for participants where they learn how to strengthen their natural talents, along with discernment for using critical thinking to assess situations. We also work with participants on having awareness about others, discovering what intrinsically motivates both themselves and others, and how to put this to use in real life to be an authentic leader. These skills and discoveries go well beyond the eight-day trip or the impact of the short-term humanitarian acts, which are part of the process of reflection and growth. Plus, the pairing is what makes it sustainable.

Q. What is the ideal number and ages of participants?

A. A minimum of 15 and maximum of 30 participants is ideal, although arrangements can be made if your group size is something different. Currently ImpactQuest is designed for adults of any age and/or high school and college aged students (age 15 or older, unless a parent/guardian also attends).

Q. What can we expect from an ImpactQuest experience?

A. After working with the group leaders to determine the purpose, objectives and logistics of the experience, ImpactLives manages all of the leadership development training sessions and missions/service learning activities. There is an initial day of training, typically two to four weeks prior to the start of the experience. Participants take 1-2 assessments and the initial training session is to learn about the assessments, complete basic training on global and cross cultural competencies, and answer questions about the trip.

Q. What is a typical day like?

A. Each day during the experience then follows a similar pattern: leadership training and exercises in the evening, serving in the morning and afternoon, debrief and processing after dinner. Missions/service learning activities range from workshops/conferences, building homes or other buildings, to distributing food or other supplies, medical/dental clinics and relationship building. On faith-based trips, we include Bible studies and reflection.

Q. How much does it cost?

A. The ImpactQuest experience is $1500/person, payable to ImpactLives at least 30 days prior to initial training session.

Q. What is covered?

A. $1,500 covers: all leadership training, in-country transportation, materials for serving (raw materials to construct one home, for example), translators, safe drinking water, food, clean & safe lodging, and serving supplies.

Q. How much is airfare to the DR?

A. Prices can vary greatly, but generally we tell people to budget between $650 to $1,000 for one round trip ticket, dependent on where one is traveling from, the time of year, and how far in advance the flight is booked. Participants purchase their tickets and related travel insurance directly.

Q. What are the leadership development tools you use?

A. Leadership development modules may include: APEST, Strengths-based leadership, Intrinsic Motivation, State of the Heart Leadership, Servant and Transformational Leadership, Personal Action Planning.