Who We Serve

We guide individuals, groups and organizations through carefully designed leadership development experiences that help them become change agents. Through our work we help people identify who they are and combine that knowledge with their passions and values in ways that empower them to establish and achieve a vision for their own lives, and create the conditions for others to achieve the same.

who we serve schoolsSchools & Universities

Schools are an optimal partner for ImpactLives. Whether working directly with students to identify and develop leaders, providing meals for humanitarian efforts as a form of service learning, or working directly with staff on intrinsic motivation, diversity and inclusion, ImpactLives has a solid history of providing value by working with schools to create impact.

who we serve faith basedFaith-Based Organizations

Faith-based communities and schools have a long history with ImpactLives. There is a natural spiritual component when personal change is paired with works of social justice.

who we serve corporateCorporations & Boards

For-profit, not-for-profit, small businesses and Boards of Directors are optimal partners for ImpactLives. In a world where personal development is often key to one's success in their role, honing in on optimizing strengths while creating cross-cultural awareness is often essential for creating efficient teams and effective business solutions.

who we serve individualsIndividuals

ImpactLives guides individuals through carefully designed leadership training experiences that help them become change agents in local and global communities, achieving maximum influde in multicultural and cross-cultural environments.