We know that you have many choices when it comes to where to invest your time and money.  As you choose ImpactLives, know that your investment is appreciated and used with high standards of stewardship and accountability.  Select from one of the six areas below. In the rare event the category or event you choose cannot be fulfilled, we will use your gift where needed most.

Since 2010, ImpactLives has received positive audit and reviews from external organizations. We take stewardship seriously and carefully apply your gifts to where it is needed, using trusted partners locally and globally. Whenever possible, your investment is used for sustainable development, rather than just temporary relief.

Without your gifts, we are not able to achieve our mission to transform communities one life at a time. Individuals are not given the opportunity to become the leaders they were intended to be and communities may not receive the help that they need. 

Because ImpactLives does not yet reflect $1,000,000 in revenue and $500,000 of that from public support, you won’t find our organization on Charity Navigator.  However, we believe in transparency and if you have any questions about how your investment may be used, feel free to contact us – we would be happy to talk with you!

Don't forget about alternatives ways to donate to ImpactLives. We are able to accept mutual funds and appreciated stocks - call us at 612.817.0791 for details. There are other ways to give such as: Amazon Smile, Thrivent Choice Dollars, writing "ImpactLives, Inc. EIN 83-0487437" as your donor of choice on your company's United Way pledge card, or asking your employer if they match donations to 501(c)3 organizations such as ImpactLives. 


Give Where Needed Most

Giving to this area ensures that your money will be used where it will have the most impact.   We have a variety of initiatives and programs and needs are always changing; an investment here will be applied to the greatest need at the time.

Support an Event

ImpactLives partners with schools, communities, corporations and boards, faith-based organizations and individuals on service learning events. An investment toward a specific event or project provides direct financial support to help achieve the fundraising goals of that initiative.

Social Justice & Equity

Social Justice & Equity programs cover significant ground at ImpactLives and include partnerships with organizations that provide food, medical, water, shelter and land development. Many of us in the United States take these things for granted, but each area has its own specific needs in different parts of the world. 

Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Social innovation and entrepreneurship begins with great ideas, and these ideas sometimes need resources to come to life. With ImpactLives’ careful facilitation, an investment in this area will assist those who desire to improve economies, environments, and lives - and are ready to “just do it” - but need a little help.

ImpactQuest Scholarship

An ImpactQuest experience can be done locally or globally and involves the full combination of leadership development with acts of social justice.  This research-based model is proven to truly create transformation one life at a time.  Your investment in an ImpactQuest scholarship would allow people who would not otherwise have the opportunity, to participate in an ImpactQuest experience.

Education and Leadership Development

An investment in education, leadership development and cross-cultural competencies (diversity, equity and inclusion) will benefit someone in our local communities or around the world. As ImpactLives seeks to get to the root cause of societal issues, we believe that, to truly make a sustainable difference, it begins with education.