Service Learning

Service Learning is a powerful teaching method that enriches learning by engaging participants in meaningful service to their communities.

Combining service objectives with learning objectives with the intent the activities change both the recipient and the provider of service, a service learning experience also involves reflection, critical thinking and effective decision-making skills. It helps to identify and develop leadership skills in people to be able to form positive interdependence with peers through cooperative efforts, and learn to take initiative to solve problems in honest and sincere ways.

ImpactLives follows the Elements of Effective Service Learning:

  • Including the recipients of the service in the development of the program
  • Providing meaningful service that meets real needs without harming local economies and organizations
  • Maximizing effective partnerships
  • Curriculum is tied to school, business or organizations' objectives
  • Time for processing, reflection and application


ImpactLives designs service learning experiences and curriculums that provide people with skills in communication, relationships, leadership and other life skills that they can begin to use immediately, and continue to use throughout their lives.