Experiential Exhibit

At our core we are about...Transformational Leadership – helping people understand who they are; and how they can use their unique talents to serve, meet needs, and lead others in a positive way. We believe that if people understand who they are, others around them, and why they do what they do, they will be more effective in all relationships and be inspired to meet human needs through social innovation, social justice and freedom.

Pathways of HOPE

Pathways of HOPE is a multi-sensory, social justice experience that transports people from Minnesota into the stories of individuals who confront the daily challenges that stem from poverty.  These challenges are experienced in the areas of education, medical care, water, orphanages, and human trafficking. Participants move from "country to country" learning about each issue, with a final discussion in the Reflection Room.

Click here to download a PDF about Pathways of HOPE

experiential exhibit