ImpactLives™ is a non-profit 501c3 organization that combines leadership training, education and service learning experiences with works of social justice.

Schools & Universities

ImpactLives designs service learning experiences and curriculums that provide learners with skills in communication, relationships, critical thinking, leadership and other life skills.

Faith-Based Organizations

There is a natural spiritual component when transformational change is paired with works of social justice.

Corporations & Boards

In a world where personal development is often key to one’s success, optimizing strengths while creating cross-cultural awareness is essential for creating efficient teams and effective business solutions.


ImpactLives guides individuals through carefully designed leadership training experiences that help them become change agents in local and global communities.

Transforming Communities One Life at a Time

Many people and organizations are reaching out to us during this challenging time. For the past six years we have been working with organizations in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), human centered design, and cultural competence. For more information, contact us at We are building a new website to better reflect our current work.

ImpactLives is an organization unlike any other, with a mission to transform individuals into leaders while performing acts of service and social justice locally and around the world. We help people understand who they are and how they can use their passion, values, and talents to serve, meet needs and lead others in a positive way.

Experiential Exhibit

Pathways of HOPE is a multi-sensory social justice / poverty exhibit that transports people to six different countries around the globe.

Pathways of HOPE

Pathways of HOPE is a multi-sensory, social justice experience that transports people from Minnesota into the stories of individuals who confront the daily challenges that stem from poverty.  These challenges are experienced in the areas of education, medical care, water, orphanages, and human trafficking. Participants move from "country to country" learning about each issue, with a final discussion in the Reflection Room.

Click here to download a PDF about Pathways of HOPE

experiential exhibit