ImpactLives leadership and development training is delivered through a four-part model:

Part 1: Identity (Leading Me)

Question: Who am I?

Objective: Intentional process of self-discovery and self-awareness of gifts, talents, abilities and preferences

Process: Using a series of assessments, participants receive feedback on their natural abilities and inclinations

Outcome: Building your life around strengths


Part 2: Integration (Leading With)

Question: Who are those around me?

Objective: Armed with information about yourself, participants work to understand the strengths, inclinations and preferences of those around them

Process: Begins with serving together, interactive exercises and team building activities, and concludes with reflection and application

Outcome: More effective relationships in all aspects of life


Part 3: Intrinsic Motivation

Question: What is the motivation behind my actions?

Objective: Establishing a new and effective form of influence

Process: Participants engage in intrinsic motivation and emotional intelligence curriculum, customized exercises, and a time of processing and reflection

Outcome: Influencing, not from power, but from a tailored approach


Part 4: Influence (Leading Others)

Question: How do I best lead and influence?

Objective: With new-found knowledge, participants intentionally apply and engage in their local, national and global communities. 

Process: Participants create an integrated action plan designed for healthy and sustainable behavior changes and to focus on action

Outcome: Living and serving out of a transformed mind, heart and will