It's critical for humans to feel like they belong, are understood and valued.
Cross-cultural and global competencies are critical for groups looking to improve business acumen and build intercultural relationships.
Transforming & Building Leaders

ImpactLives has a team of qualified administrators of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). The tool is used to begin the journey of shifting cultural perspectives and appropriately adapting to cultural differences and commonalities. ImpactLives’ work follows a path of assessing the current state of an organization, then partners with leaders to build customized plans for diversity, equity and inclusion.

ImpactLives' clients include nonprofit organizations, schools, government teams, and for-profit companies. Sometimes the work is broad – other times more specific – layering cascading efforts to meet specific business objectives and goals.

What makes ImpactLives’ approach unique?

At our core we are about Transformational Leadership – helping people understand who they are and how they can use their unique talents to serve, meet needs, and lead others in a positive way. We believe that if people understand who they are, others around them, and why they do what they do, they will be more effective in all relationships, and be inspired to meet human needs through social innovation, social justice and freedom.

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