Make your impact today!

Food: Meals of rice, soy, vitamins and vegetables are packed at ImpactLives’ events that pair service learning with works of social justice. It is important for ImpactLives’ investors to understand that we are not a disaster relief organization. Rather, we work hand-in-hand with leaders in communities around the world as part of long-term, sustainable projects.

Medical: ImpactLives currently has several partnerships in the area of medical service, including maternity clinics, community-access clinics, education and medical supplies. Our partnerships reach from SouthEast Asia to Africa to Latin America. Your donation would help support projects such as these.

Water: In the United States and many places around the world, obtaining clean water is as easy as turning on the water faucet or bending to drink at a water fountain. But for many people, getting water involves walking 4 to 5 hours a day. And many times the water that is obtained is not even clean.  Your gift can make clean, potable water available to an entire village.

Shelter: Many of us take for granted a roof over our head and many rooms in our house – even one to call our own! If you choose to invest in ImpactLives’ shelter and housing initiatives, you will help to provide a much-needed home or building for a someone who needs one.

Land Development: ImpactLives owns nine acres of land near Hato Mayor, Dominican Republic. This beautiful property is perfectly located to take advantage of local city services and native agriculture, and yet is a setting of tranquility. The vision for this land is to provide meaningful service for local residents of the Dominican Republic and for others from around the world, but we need investors to begin the planning and development of this property.