Kickstart real change today!

The ideas are there, they just need an “angel investor” such as you to get those ideas into action. An investment toward social innovation and entrepreneurship may be applied to facilitate education in the areas of design thinking, critical thinking, research and development, or service learning. Or, your gift may be used to help women in a Haitian batey to start a new businesses, or a provide a young adult with seed money to fund a new nonprofit that serves people in their local community with basic human needs.

Before new and innovative ideas can be implemented, they must be carefully thought through and designed. ImpactLives specializes in education that challenges the status quo and the current “mental models.” When our prevailing worldview and frames of reference are no longer effective, new concepts must be adopted. Very often those who possess this type of breakthrough thinking don’t have the resources to access the education and time to truly develop the best new ideas.