Impact the world today!

A service trip experience is one in which participants (individuals and groups) use their unique talents in an immersive cross-cultural service and leadership experience in ways that transform not only their own lives, but also lives in their neighborhoods and around the world.

Participants receive training and gain expanded self-knowledge, while learning the key elements of:

  • Servant Leadership
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Global and Cultural Competencies

The location of these service experiences is determined through strategic partnerships around the world with whom ImpactLives has developed solid, long-term serving relationships.

The full 7-step ImpactQuest model includes:

  • Organizational interview and personal identification
  • Training and teaching: global-cultural skills and self awareness
  • Immersive, interactive service learning experience (local or global)
  • Personal debrief and action plan
  • Integration and connection
  • Catalyst for change
  • Social innovation in the local community, nationally or around the world

These service experiences may take place locally, nationally or internationally. During the service learning experience, participants use their newfound knowledge from the equipping and training sessions to meet personal objectives (including leadership) and to improve relationships centered on working with others. ImpactLives staff members actively facilitate and lead these trips to coach, teach and work with participants in these areas.

Near the end of the service trip experience, participants spend focused time preparing a personal application plan. This plan, along with coaching and teaching from ImpactLives staff members, helps the participants figure out how to use the insights gained to prepare them for “everyday” life back home. 

Your investment in the service trip experience will help offset all or a portion of the cost for individuals who may not have the financial resources to take part in a service trip experience.