Donations will be sent to most urgent causes.

Your support in this area allows ImpactLives to determine the best use of the funds.  The gift may be used immediately or set aside for maximum effectiveness in the future.  ImpactLives takes stewardship seriously and the utmost care will be used in deciding how to invest your gift.  Examples include:

  • Acts of Social Justice and Service Learning:  assist with costs related to various food, water, shelter, education and medical initiatives locally and around the world.
  • Leadership Development:  providing freedom through education and leadership development in our local communities and around the world. 
  • Service Trip Scholarship:  A service trip experience can be done locally or globally and involves the full combination of leadership development with acts of social justice.  Your gift may help offset the costs of this experience for an individual or group.
  • Social Innovation or Social Entrepreneurship:  allowing untapped ideas to come to life and then be implemented to transform communities locally, nationally, and internationally.
  • Administrative Support:  none of the ImpactLives’ programs happen without staff, supplies and support.  Your gift may be used to support the various services and programs.