Empower your community today!

By investing in this area, your gift may allow a low-income student to participate in ImpactLives’ leadership development programs, cross-cultural competency training, or to provide schooling to someone in a third-world country. Individuals here and throughout the world are willing and eager students, but they sometimes lack the financial resources for classes, supplies, or technology. Your gift may provide leadership development to young entrepreneurs in SouthEast Asia, or pastoral training for leaders in the Dominican Republic, or strengths-based leadership and cultural competence skill development for inner-city and underserved youth in Minneapolis/St. Paul.

One of ImpactLives’ greatest assets is the ability to facilitate self-awareness and application of concepts in the areas of Identity (Leading Me), Integration (Leading With), Intrinsic Motivation (Leading with Values), and Influence (Leading Others).  Education and leadership development provides a freedom far beyond meeting the physical needs of food, water, shelter, and medical.  Join ImpactLives in this important mission!