ImpactLives' Board, staff and volunteers are passionate about creating the conditions for transformation in individuals and communities locally and around the world. We represent a diverse group of talents, skills and experiences.

A culture of both belonging and productivity.  The obstacle is that we have to be transforming ourselves in order to bring positive transformation to our families, organizations, schools, neighborhoods, and communities.  

To make matters more difficult, many people, if probed, would have to admit that they are not even sure who they are.  

What is their culture?  What are their values?  Beliefs? Identity? Those are some of the important foundational questions every community must know.

We know that true lasting transformation starts with the question "Who am I?"

That's why we use our over 20 years of experience to start all of our strategically designed experiences (workshops, retreats, trips, trainings, etc.) by helping you to find a positive, functional, complete answer to that question.  

From there your custom-designed experience will guide your team into becoming this community of both inclusiveness and effectiveness. We work with you to identify how you can best approach, influence, and transform your communities. 

ImpactLives will walk you through a transformative experience and you will leave with the tools you need to positively transform your community.
Meet Our Executive Director Cameron Bishop

With 12 years of experience in social innovation, facilitation, and leadership development Cameron is convinced that the tools to experience positive transformation that leads to global impacts exist within each individual.

It is our job as an organization to facilitate conversations, events, and experiences that will foster transformation in the individual that leads to transformation within communities.

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