ImpactLives™ is a non-profit organization (501-c-3) that combines leadership training, education and service learning experiences with works of social justice.

Our goal is to promote lasting personal transformation that leads to sustainable social innovation. We achieve this by guiding individuals, groups and organizations through carefully designed leadership training experiences that help them become change agents in local and global communities. Our unique training experiences create the conditions for participants to identify and develop their unique strengths and skills, and achieve maximum influence in multicultural and cross-cultural environments.

Other 51 weeksThrough our work we help people identify who they are and combine that knowledge with their passions and values in ways that empower them to establish and achieve a vision for their own lives, and create the conditions for others to achieve the same.

At our core we are about Transformational Leadership - helping people understand who they are and how they can use their unique talents to serve, meet needs, and lead others in a positive way. We believe that if people understand who they are, others around them, and why they do what they do, they will be more effective in all relationships and be inspired to meet human needs through social innovation, social justice and freedom.