Our Core

At our core we are about...Transformational Leadership – helping people understand who they are; and how they can use their unique talents to serve, meet needs, and lead others in a positive way. We believe that if people understand who they are, others around them, and why they do what they do, they will be more effective in all relationships and be inspired to meet human needs through social innovation, social justice and freedom.

Leadership Development

At our core we are about transformational leadership. Develop your unique skills and strengths.

Service Learning

Real needs are met in a beneficial way and participants gain insight and understand about themselves and others.


When we combine service learning with leadership training, we call it ImpactQuest. 

Social Innovation

Contribute to improving human wellbeing by designing models for peoples' needs, rather than their wants. Create and develop a sustainable solution.

Experiential Exhibit

Pathways of HOPE is a multi-sensory social justice / poverty exhibit that transports people to six different countries around the globe.

News & Events

Check out upcoming events and read the stories of people impacting lives both locally and globally. Read all about it.